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Montara Water and Sanitary District

2018 Rate Hike Proposal

In Spring 2018, Montara and Moss Beach property owners received a Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Sewer Rate Increases. The proposed increases would occur twice in a 14 month period and result in a 47% increase for residential rates.

While Resist Density agrees that infrastructure repairs and upgrades to our aging sewer system are needed, we are concerned about MWSD's inadequate communication and outreach to the community, and its proposed timeline for public review and comment period.

Public Hearing - May 31, 2018

Please attend MWSD's Public Hearing on the proposed rate hike and share your questions and concerns!

Date:   Thursday May 31, 2018

Time:   7:30pm

Where: MWSD, 8888 Cabrillo HWY, Montara

Process for submitting written protests

Property owners may submit written protests against the proposed rate increases. The proposed rates will not be adopted if written protests are received form a majority of affected parcels with one written protest counted per parcel.

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