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Help protect our unincorporated Midcoast!

The Unincorporated San Mateo County Midcoast is home to a treasure of protected open space, wildlife and natural resources, coastal views, beaches and recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike.


Highway 1 is the ONLY route connecting the Midcoast to the outside world via Pacifica to the north and Half Moon Bay to the south. It is a County-designated scenic corridor, restricted to two lanes along Montara Beach by the Coastal Act, thereby limiting its capacity through the entire Midcoast. Regardless, visitorship continues to significantly increase, now at over 3 million per year. With our limited road capacity, gridlock on Highway 1 is a common occurrence.

The Midcoast is further threatened by the cumulative impacts of oversized commercial and residential projects. Our sewer and water systems are already aged and failing and in need of major upgrade. Now with climate change and the increased probability and severity of wildfire, as well as other major disasters like earthquake and tsunami, Highway 1 is a critically vulnerable route for evacuation and first responders.


We must promote sensible planning to ensure a sustainable future for the Midcoast!

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