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Who We Are


We are now Midcoast ECO!

We renamed our organization from Resist Density to Midcoast ECO! Our new name and website reflect our evolution as a community-focused, educational and advocacy non-profit group dedicated to the conservation of the San Mateo County Midcoast. From the root Ecology, ECO represents the relationships of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings. Also, ECO expresses the concepts of: • Environment • Community • Organization

Our New Logo includes the shape of the California State Route sign because Highway 1 features prominently in our focus on sensible planning for the Midcoast. We also include the symbols of water, sun and tree to represent the importance of protecting our coastal environment.

Our History

As residents of Unincorporated San Mateo County, we initially mobilized in early 2016 in response to an oversized housing project being proposed in the small town of Moss Beach. Having no local coastal decision-making governing body, our Midcoast community soon recognized the flawed process of coastal land use decisions that were being made on a case by case method without consideration of the big picture. Our focus expanded beyond the density stress of a single project to highlight the cumulative impacts of large development projects on our natural coastal environment. 

We are a small all-volunteer non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, comprised of three founding Board Members from Moss Beach. Additionally, there are several local residents who volunteer their leadership efforts in support of research and community communication, and in pursuing special expertise and attending meetings.

We use fact-based research as an important tool for advocacy in support of our Local Coastal Program and the California Coastal Act. We raise awareness about the larger concerns of buildout in the unincorporated San Mateo County Midcoast, in the context of our limited and over-burdened infrastructure and in favor of protecting the natural environment. We often work in support of the efforts of organizations like Sierra Club and Green Foothills.

And we are having a lot of success!


We produce significant research-based reports, meet with key decision-makers, educate and mobilize our community, and raise money to employ legal counsel and expert consulting in our effort to conserve the Midcoast. Our grassroots focus on the big picture impact on the Midcoast is now reflected in our new name, Midcoast ECO!

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