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New Report on Emergency / Disaster Preparedness

April 30, 2019

We have released a new report revealing the unincorporated Midcoast of San Mateo County is unprepared for a major disaster. Recent devastating wildfires in California and the March 2019 HWY1 closure of the Lantos Tunnel at Devil’s Slide highlight the need to critically review and update our disaster preparedness systems and improve our readiness. With the threats of wildfires, earthquakes and tsunamis with mountains and ocean surrounding us and only one road in, through and out, it is imperative that we are able to respond and/or evacuate in the event of a major disaster. Our report is intended to provide a brief overview of the significant risks of natural disasters on the Midcoast, as well as the readiness and ability of our responsible agencies and our community to respond. Information and resource links are provided for community members to better prepare for a disaster, as are recommendations for community input and involvement. Recommendations are also provided throughout the document for local, county and state agencies and are summarized at the end of the report.

MidCoast ECO SMCMidcoast_Emerg_Disaster
Download • 2.34MB

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