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Inadequate Testing of Moss Beach Site

Cypress Point's military history, and the fact that there is no record of hazardous materials assessment or cleanup, forewarn the possibility that a large building project will risk environmental contamination. The developer plans to remove 600 truck loads of soil according to the application. Without proper remediation, remaining toxins will most likely become airborne during dry weather conditions, or run off into the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, Montara Creek, or adjacent wells during wet conditions. 

Military facilities on the site (based on historic documents) included several barracks, a mess hall, a library, a drill field, a TDD hanger, a steam plant with an underground fuel tank, a garage, motor pool/vehicle maintenance area, a gas pump with an underground fuel tank and an incinerator, which was also used by Farallone View School through 1962. Their limited analysis (they did not even test for asbestos) indicated the elevated presence of lead and other metals, as well as diesel petroleum and hexafurans at two test locations. 

Read confirmation letter of asbestos on the property

Neither the County nor MidPen Housing has committed to produce an Environmental Impact Report. The applicant's report recommends “no further investigation or remedial action” for hazardous materials.

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